Indoor Photography

Tips for good indoor photography:

  • Though we generally use flash for indoor photography, this is not a good idea. We should refrain from doing so,  for photographing indoor portrait, unless the light is not adequate. I would say the secret to great indoor photography is turning the flash off.
  • Some of the best indoor portraits use nothing more than open window.
  • Turning the flash on may prove to be harsh on the portrait and the final outcome may not be what you perceived and expected.
  • With flash on, also there is high possibility that the portrait will end with ugly shadow in the background.
  • Hence use flash only when the light is not adequate, you don’t have enough time to setup things in natural light.
  • If you have the reflector, it’s a good idea to use it. It will help you put light on area which is not covered by natural light.
  • Always prefer to have a clean and soothing background, else the viewer will distract for the actual and intended subject.

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