Response to an invitation for interview

Replying with a proper response to an invitation for interview is very important. First impression lasts longer, hence you have to be very careful. Incorrect response may also reduce the chance of your selection in the organization.

Below are some points which will help you writing proper response.

1. Use first name of the person with salutations like Hi, Ms etc, only if the person sends his full name in his email. If he doesn’t, use last name of the person with salutation.

2.  Keep the email short and precise. Refrain from having it of the size bigger than the size of the sender’s email.

3.  If your response is acceptance to the invitation, end the email with sentence like ‘
I look forward to speaking with you.’ Though ‘Looking forward to speaking with you’ is also correct but the first statement is more formal. Never use ‘Looking forward to speak with you’, this is grammatically not correct.

4. If you are responding to decline the invitation, keep it very humble. Also, you can specify the reason for the same. The response can be something like ‘ I would like to have a rain check on the invitation because …’

5. Specify the time convenient for the interview. If the interview is telephonic and with the person in some other country/region then specify the timezone to which you are referring.

6. Specify the number to which you can be reached. Also, specify the country code, if the interview is with someone in other country.


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